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Rustic Charm

An interior designer contacted us for several projects in a home in CT. The house was very rustic.

4 banks of windows got drapery treatments.

Aronson 01

Aronson 07

Two swivel club chairs were reupholstered in light tan suede.

Aronson 13

Aronson 08

Two chairs got new cushions made from ostrich embossed cowhide.

Aronson 03

and two ottomans were covered with faux hair-on seal skin with custom finished nails.

Aronson 05

Aronson 06

Doctor, Doctor

A doctor’s office had moved to a new location in Manhattan and the old practice left behind a great old chair. The chair still worked quite well but was just very worn. We replaced the old institutional looking vinyl with something fresh with a basketweave texture.

The base was also painted to give the whole chair an updated look.

Exam Chair

New Wings


This wingback chair had sentimental value to the client.  It was badly worn and the frame needed repair.  See the Before and After gallery for detailed photos of the restoration.

Antique with Wings

This client was given an antique wing back couch that had been in his family for several generations.  The entire couch needed an overhaul, but the client wanted it to only be worked on by someone he trusted with it.  Check out the Before/After section for detailed pictures of the restoration process.


All Decked Out

A fellow craftsman and carpenter was contracted by a client to design and build outdoor lounge chairs for a beach home.  The designs were very modern and finely crafted.  They wanted the cushions to be well made as well and to be as clean and simple as possible.  We designed cushions that had minimal seams and used all stainless steel and leather hardware mounted from underneath to keep the cushions from moving during use.



It’s Easy Being Green

This client had an Eames lounge chair that had been handed down from her parents.  Since she grew up with the chair it had sentimental value but was badly worn.  She chose a bright colored Edelman leather to match the decor in her new home and had the frame and wood freshened up.


Striped Cushion

A popular style currently is a finish detail known in French as “passe poile”.  It basically refers to the fact that the soft roll around the edge is hand formed and hand sewn.  This custom cushion was created for a client who saw a similar cushion in a display and wanted it recreated in a more interesting fabric for their outdoor seating area.

Modern Highback Chair

This chair from the 50s had been with a family for a long time.  It’s probably one of the most comfortable chairs I’ve ever come across, but the fabric was very worn.  A new fabric approximating the original was chosen, but a twist was added by covering the back and arms in a seamless textured vinyl.

Original Chair

Wagner Blue Chair 01

Restored Chair

Wagner Blue Chair 04

Buttoned Room Dividers

Windsong Allegiance Group added an additional showroom space that lacked a reception area.  When you entered the space through the glass doors, there was nothing to divide the space.  Movable upholstered walls were created to give a backdrop for mannequins showing the current line, and also to break up the space.

Windsong Showroom 02

Windsong Showroom 01

Golden Light

As part of an apartment renovation, an interior designer needed to have custom draperies and sheers made for an odd sized window.  The design is simple and sophisticated with no pleating at the top.  A plain accordion fold was used instead.



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