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Bespoke Armchair


A chair with a lot of personality started off life with a much more somber fabric. After several decades, it was ready for a new look. Its owner wanted a fresh crisp new look. See the Before and After gallery for more photos of the transformation.

Red Rover

This client had purchased a unique Adrian Pearsall chair and ottoman years ago. Like many mid-century pieces today, the foam was disintegrating and coming through the fabric. In addition, the fabric was worn and parts of the wood trim had fallen off. He chose a beautiful red and gold jacquard to recover the piece in. New foam was installed and the wooden legs were cleaned up and the brass casters were machine polished to their original luster. Check out the Before and After page for more on the restoration.

Red Rover


Clean Lines

This chair was a curbside find for this client in Tinton Falls, NJ. He chose a men’s suiting fabric with a pronounced white pinstripe and selected white vinyl for the seat and back.

Check out the Before and After section to see the transformation.


Sophisticated Stripe

This chair was a personal curbside find the day before Thanksgiving many years ago. The springs in the seat were broken, the brass leg caps were tarnished so that they appeared to not even be metal, and the leather was torn and ugly.

I knew it had a lot of potential. I disassembled it and sent the frame to a David Masenheimer for refinishing. The handrubbed finish went beautifully with the striped cotton fabric I chose.

The chair is very regal now and is a feature in my living room.


Green Chair

Egg Chairs

Apparel manufacturer Canali updated their showroom for a new fall line. The showroom designer chose to have two Jacobsen egg chairs recovered in chocolate brown men’s suiting felt. In addition, a curved bench in the reception area was slip-covered in the same fabric to tie the whole look together.

Egg Chair

Curved Bench

Grosgrain Slipcovers

Women’s apparel manufacturer Rena Lange was showing their latest line in their showroom. They bought modular furniture for the event that could be slipcovered and re-used for other occasions.

Three story boards were presented as inspired by collection. One of the looks was chosen and slipcovers were made for all of the furniture.

lange 01

lange 02

lange 03

Rustic Charm

An interior designer contacted us for several projects in a home in CT. The house was very rustic.

4 banks of windows got drapery treatments.

Aronson 01

Aronson 07

Two swivel club chairs were reupholstered in light tan suede.

Aronson 13

Aronson 08

Two chairs got new cushions made from ostrich embossed cowhide.

Aronson 03

and two ottomans were covered with faux hair-on seal skin with custom finished nails.

Aronson 05

Aronson 06

Doctor, Doctor

A doctor’s office had moved to a new location in Manhattan and the old practice left behind a great old chair. The chair still worked quite well but was just very worn. We replaced the old institutional looking vinyl with something fresh with a basketweave texture.

The base was also painted to give the whole chair an updated look.

Exam Chair

New Wings


This wingback chair had sentimental value to the client.  It was badly worn and the frame needed repair.  See the Before and After gallery for detailed photos of the restoration.

It’s Easy Being Green

This client had an Eames lounge chair that had been handed down from her parents.  Since she grew up with the chair it had sentimental value but was badly worn.  She chose a bright colored Edelman leather to match the decor in her new home and had the frame and wood freshened up.


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