Month: September 2010

Ceiling Panel

Windsong Allegiance Group had a difficult elevator bank in that all of the lighting and sprinkler fixturing was exposed.  A custom wave shaped hanging panel was created to hide the ugly hardware on the ceiling.  A sheer white fabric was stretched over the frame which created a soft glow of lighting in the entrance.

Room Divider Curtains

Windsong Allegiance Group had a need in their showroom to divide spaces when needed.  We designed a custom hanging track system for them which followed an area of curved wall to accommodate a difficult area.  Custom black canvas curtains were created for the system which could be easily opened and closed.  The curtains also formed a backdrop for the garment racks while the lines were being shown.

Windsong Drapes 01

Windsong Drapes 03

Windsong Drapes 02

Spring White Vinyl

For the spring season, Paul & Shark wanted to change the store to a lighter spring feel.  Again we worked with the store designer to create all new furniture covers and upholstered walls to follow the theme.


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